Life Science: Classification

The student will investigate and understand how organisms can be classified.


Because of Winn Dixie

The student will design and build a containing structure that will hold a 3×5 index card.


What’s the “Matter” with the Weather!!!?

The States of Matter is a 3rd Grade Science Standard of Learning. At this point the students have learned about it and they have also learned about various types of weather and how the states of matter relate to the water cycle. They have an understanding of examples of each state of matter, as it is found in nature and are ready to implement what they are learning into a design project to help them integrate and retain the information that they have learned. This is also an assessment to show me, the teacher, the knowledge they have retained about the three states of matter, weather and the water cycle and how all of this is related.


The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The student will design and create a device that floats to save Edward when he falls into the ocean from the ship.


Man Overboard!

The teacher-librarian will read Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau by Jennifer Berne. Students will create a pop-up card to represent all eight ocean formations they have studied. Students will use 1 sheet cardstock, Index cards, aluminum foil, paper fasteners (brads), construction paper, tape, popsicle sticks, glue, yarn, limited recycled supplies, crayons/colored pencils/markers, hole punch, pens/pencils, a ruler, and scissors.


Mercy Watson to the Rescue

The student will design and create a nightlight with a working light in a small group which will help Mercy fall asleep and not break her owner’s bed using the design brief for direction and guidance.


Diary of a Spider: Design an Arthropod Toy

Today we are going to invent and design a new insect or spider that could be a toy that includes levers that help the invertebrate move.


Calculating Efficiency- Continuation of Gear Ration Lesson

To calculate the efficiency of a simple machine.


The Bug Brigade

To spark interest in the study of insects through the engagement of “peer scientists” who will present the class with fun facts about the insects they have studied.

Universal Solvent

Students will be able to understand that water is the universal solvent because it dissolves many substances.

Materials Needed:
beakers, water, measuring spoons, sugar, salt, sand, vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, worksheets, test tubes, test tube rack, graduated cylinder, margarine, goggles