Energy Transformations Pt 1

Students have already learned the six forms of energy (MR.CENT – Mechanical, Radiant, Chemical, Electrical, Nuclear, Thermal).  They will identify each form of energy in an energy chain – tracing the transformations of energy to view concrete examples of the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Shortest distance with Robots

Students will use a preprogrammed robot to confirm or deny that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line.

Scientific Reasoning and Logic/ Thinking Like a Scientist

Students will learn how to use Mindstorm to program the robot travel 2 linear meters.  Students will calculate the number of rotations needed to travel the distance.  Students will work in cooperative groups to successfully complete this task.

Perimeter Robot

Use robot equipped with light sensor to measure the length of a linear path and perimeter of a square.

Water Cycle Raft

The student will be able to name and describe the stages of the water cycle in the correct order. The student will be able to write a narrative or create a lesson to explain the water cycle to someone else.