First Week Get to Know You Triangle Trivia

The student will continue to demonstrate growth in the use of oral language.

  1. e) Express ideas orally in complete sentences.

The student will expand understanding and use of word meanings.

  1. a) Increase listening and speaking vocabularies.
  2. b) Begin to ask for clarification and explanation of words and ideas.

The student will write to communicate ideas for a variety of purposes.

  1. a) Generate ideas.
  2. b) Focus on one topic.
  3. g) Share writing with others

  We will begin to work on classroom cohesion!!

Favorite Pizza Toppings Graph

This lesson will take students through the steps of collecting data, organizing data, and displaying the data in a graph. This lesson would follow a lesson on data collection (ex. tally charts), parts of a bar graph, and the rules for creating a graph.

Factor Racing

Students will work on identifying factors for given numbers.

Domino Duel

The students will be divided up into pairs and a group of three if needed.  The students will follow the directions of the game to add sums and compare numbers.  The student with the higher sum keeps both dominoes.  The student with the most dominoes at the end of the game is the winner.

If needed, students may use manipulatives to solve the addition problems, but may just count the dots on the dominoes.

Counting forward by 2’s/ Recognize even and odd numbers

count forward by 2’s

-begin to recognize and name even numbers

speak with partners about the similarities and differences between odd and even numbers

-write about what we learn about odd and even numbers

Math Enhanced Scope and Sequence Lesson (modified)

(in student friendly terms)

Today we will:

– determine patterns created by counting by twos, fives and tens on a hundred chart

(in student friendly terms)

Today we will:

-speak with partners about patterns we notice when skip counting

-explain what we notice about the ones digit when skip counting by 2’s

Congruent Shapes with 100s chart

The student will create congruent shapes.

The student will use 100s chart to fill in congruent shapes.


Factors and Multiples, and Fraction and Decimal Operations

The student will

  1. a) estimate sums, differences, products, and quotients of whole numbers;
  2. b) add, subtract, and multiply whole numbers;
  3. c) divide whole numbers, finding quotients with and without remainders; and
  4. d) solve single-step and multistep addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems with whole numbers.


Math/Coin Review

To reinforce coin recognition and value by creating a book.


Because of Winn Dixie

The student will design and build a containing structure that will hold a 3×5 index card.