Fractured Fairy Tale and Folk Writing

The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of fiction and nonfiction.

  1. f) Identify characters, setting, and important events.

g) Retell stories and events, using beginning, middle

First Week Get to Know You Triangle Trivia

The student will continue to demonstrate growth in the use of oral language.

  1. e) Express ideas orally in complete sentences.

The student will expand understanding and use of word meanings.

  1. a) Increase listening and speaking vocabularies.
  2. b) Begin to ask for clarification and explanation of words and ideas.

The student will write to communicate ideas for a variety of purposes.

  1. a) Generate ideas.
  2. b) Focus on one topic.
  3. g) Share writing with others

  We will begin to work on classroom cohesion!!

Children with Disabilities

Topic: Connecting and Creating Community with Autistic Classmates

*Use at beginning of school year


Read, spell, use commonly used sight words independently


Triangle Trivia

This lesson plan reflects an idea I picked up from Julie Slykhuis that I believe she said was from Dan Mulligan. It was called triangle trivia. I also wanted to use The Important Book and Julie’s ideas of having the students write about what was most important about themselves.

Finding a “Just Right” Book


  1. Different leveled books from the classroom library
  2. Chart paper

Objectives: Students will be able to independently choose a book at the right reading level for independent reading.