Food Chains Vocabulary

The student will investigate and understand relationships among organisms in aquatic and terrestrial food chains.

  1. a) producer, consumer, decomposer

b) herbivore, carnivore, omnivore

Physical Education: Dribbling a basketball

I can perform 5 consecutive dribbles using proper form with my dominant and non-dominant hand during the practice activities of the lesson.

I can identify three components of dribbling with your hands (fingerpads, push the ball, and waist height) during the closure of the lesson.

I can demonstrate proper personal space while working in the gymnasium with other students.

I can demonstrate how to bounce a ball to the ground and up a minimum of 1 time with no more than 1 verbal and 1 visual prompt during the lesson.

Children with Disabilities

Topic: Connecting and Creating Community with Autistic Classmates

*Use at beginning of school year

Congruent Shapes with 100s chart

The student will create congruent shapes.

The student will use 100s chart to fill in congruent shapes.


Physical Education: Challenge Course

I can complete a challenge course using the locomotor skill of my choice at a walking and jogging pace in open space!

I can challenge myself to compete in open space with my peers without crashing at faster paces.

Lesson Notes/materials:  12 poly spot arrows, iPads with videos of children performing the course, box of scarves (for assessment)

**Remind the children throughout the lesson that they should challenge themselves to maximize their fun and safety

**The course will change from class to class and even during the lesson.  Teacher may move the arrows to make the course more or less challenging based on student needs

Physical Education: Teamwork

I can perform communication (verbal and non-verbal) during all of the activities of the lesson.

I can identify two different ways to communicate (verbal and non-verbal) during the closure of the lesson.

I can demonstrate proper cooperation and respect working together to solve a problem, (listening to each other) during all of the activities of the lesson.

I can communicate with a peer by gaining their attention through verbal or non-verbal communication.

Because of Winn Dixie

The student will design and build a containing structure that will hold a 3×5 index card.


What’s the “Matter” with the Weather!!!?

The States of Matter is a 3rd Grade Science Standard of Learning. At this point the students have learned about it and they have also learned about various types of weather and how the states of matter relate to the water cycle. They have an understanding of examples of each state of matter, as it is found in nature and are ready to implement what they are learning into a design project to help them integrate and retain the information that they have learned. This is also an assessment to show me, the teacher, the knowledge they have retained about the three states of matter, weather and the water cycle and how all of this is related.


The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The student will design and create a device that floats to save Edward when he falls into the ocean from the ship.


Mercy Watson to the Rescue

The student will design and create a nightlight with a working light in a small group which will help Mercy fall asleep and not break her owner’s bed using the design brief for direction and guidance.