Games in the Grass Pathways Station

I can travel using different pathways.

Lesson Notes/materials:

Scooter boards, a minimum of 3 colors of tape to create pathways, pool noodles and holders, dome cones, streamers, pictures of pathways, poly spots (red and green)


ECAPE Lesson Plan: Balance while moving on different equipment

I can balance while moving on different equipment.

Lesson Notes/materials:

-4” wide balance beam

-8” wide balance beam

-6 stepping stones

-Uneven seesaw board

-Yellow Floor Tape (to create lines on the floor)

-10 Beanbags

-10 Cones

ECAPE Lesson Plan: Overhand Throw

I can throw the ball overhand by looking, stepping with my opposite foot, pulling my arm up and back, and throwing.

Lesson Notes/materials:

Yarn balls



Stepping Stones



Crisscross Patterns

I can perform crisscross pattern activities.

Lesson Notes/materials:

Poly Dots, Music, Music Player (IPOD)

Exploring the area around the school

The students will explore the area around the school – their local environment.  They will make a transect, write a description of the area, count living organisms, predict how this area looked 100 years ago and what it may look like 100 years from now.  They will examine the structure of the building.  They will predict how our schoolyard can affect the ecosystem in our area.  They will discuss how our school practices may affect our local watershed.

Diary of a Spider: Design an Arthropod Toy

Today we are going to invent and design a new insect or spider that could be a toy that includes levers that help the invertebrate move.


Physical Education: Be a good teammate

I CAN work with my classmates to get to the finish line.  I CAN be a good sport and a good partner.  I CAN be safe and use my time wisely.

Lesson Notes/materials: Three hula hoops per team and cones for starting line and finish line.