Demonstrating Acceleration with a Lego Robot Car

After this activity, you will be able to differentiate between speed and velocity. You will understand that acceleration is a change in velocity.

Calculating Efficiency- Continuation of Gear Ration Lesson

To calculate the efficiency of a simple machine.


Calculate the Speed of the Robot Car (Part 2)

To develop an understanding of speed as a ratio between distance traveled and elapsed time.

Calculate the Speed of the Robot Car

You will build a Lego robot car and find out how fast it goes.

5 Components of Fitness

Learning Objective: I can repeat the 5 components of fitness ( 5 COF) using my 5 COF “hand poster”  correctly.

The student will ­describe the components and measures of health-related fitness.

  1. Explain the health-related components of fitness (cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition).
  2. Identify one measure for each component of health-related fitness.
  3. Demonstrate one activity for each component of health-related fitness.

Middle School APE Personal Fitness

Learning Objective:  I can do 3 exercises safely and help my body get stronger (heart & muscles).

SOL:  4.3d:  4.3d Identify activities that can be done at school and activities that can be done at home to meet fitness goals. , 5.3ff) Explain the relationship between heart rate and cardiorespiratory fitness, 6.3dd) Describe how being physically active leads to a healthy body, 7.3aa) Identify safe practices for improving physical fitness, 8.3cc) Demonstrate use of technology tools to assess, monitor/record, and improve personal fitness, 9.3cc) Explain the characteristics, including scientific principles and concepts, of safe and appropriate muscular-stretching, muscular-strengthening, and cardiorespiratory exercise programs to improve the health-related components of fitness.