Founding Documents and Philosophies in a Literature Circle

Students will be able to interpret key documents that influenced our founding fathers as well as writings of philosophers that were inspirations of the founding fathers. Students will also be able to describe how these readings were incorporated into the writings of Jefferson, Mason and Madison.


Subject: Applications of Newton’s 1st Law

Title: The Moving Company

For an object to remain at rest, all forces acting on it must be in equilibrium.


Figure Drawing and Anatomy Assignment

The following lesson is for my gifted Visual Arts students, grades 9-12. It demonstrates differentiation (Collins, 2016) and student grouping based on ability and interest (Doubet, 2016).

Newton’s Laws

  • Create a quantitative graphical representation of the energy stored in a system, and allocate it in different storage modes.

Distinguish between an energy transfer or dissipation.

The Atmosphere

TSW explain what the atmosphere is in his own words orally and in written form.

TSW identify the main gases in the atmosphere.

TSW describe the composition of the earth’s atmosphere.

TSW identify the four layers of the atmosphere.

Too Cool for School- The Greenhouse Experiment

To understand the definition, types and origins of the major greenhouse gases.

Objectives: Students will …

Create a town with all the elements to sustain human life.

Discuss how the activities of the people in the town may create greenhouse


Make a connection between small unrelated activities and their cumulative

affects on emissions of greenhouses gases.

History and Evolution of Rocks and Fossils

Students will understand how fossils are created and the use of fossils in rock formations identify the geological time frame.

Materials & Resources

Shells, Clay, Plants, Snail shells, Shrimp shells, Sand, Plaster Paris, Water, Sifter, Clear plastic containers, Plastic animals

Renewable Energy

Students will understand at least 3 different types of energy.  They will explore and judge which energy source is the best for renewable energy.

Solar System

Students will understand how and what gear they need to be able to travel through space.  They will also understand what a planet needs to be sustainable for life on the planet.

Latitude and Longitude Topographic Profiles

Students will be able to observe and read a map/globe.  They will be able to plot a course and understand how far it is from an origin to their final destination.  Furthermore, they will understand how latitude and longitude is used a definite place on a map or globe.