Subject: Applications of Newton’s 1st Law

Title: The Moving Company

For an object to remain at rest, all forces acting on it must be in equilibrium.


Newton’s Laws

  • Create a quantitative graphical representation of the energy stored in a system, and allocate it in different storage modes.

Distinguish between an energy transfer or dissipation.

Constant Acceleration: Model Development

  1. To introduce photogates as a tool for experimentation and data collection.
  2. To begin development of a Constant Acceleration Model with an emphasis on the relationship between

    acceleration, displacement, and time.

Modeling and Physics Thinking Strategies

  1. The student will plan and conduct investigations using experimental design processes. (PH.1b, c, d, f)
    1. Instruments are selected and used to extend observations and make measurements.
    2. Information is recorded and presented in an organized format.
    3. The limitations of the experimental apparatus and design are recognized.
    4. Models and simulations are used to visualize and explain phenomena, to make predictions from hypotheses, and to interpret data.
  2. Students will construct a Particle Model.