STEM Wheel Activity

This is a 5th grade STEM activity for GT math students. Students have studied how to calculate circumference and have explored how it is one rotation of a tire. Students will now hypothesize which size wheel is best to go the farthest distance with the least full rotations by calculating the rotations based on distanced traveled and diameter of wheel.

Shipbuilding: 101

This is a 5th grade STEM activity for Social Studies. We have been studying famous explorers during early exploration and their impact on America’s history. Students have explored the numerous important explorers during this time period. This activity will bring an awareness to students of the challenges shipbuilders and explorers faced during a time of discovery.


Man Overboard!

The teacher-librarian will read Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau by Jennifer Berne. Students will create a pop-up card to represent all eight ocean formations they have studied. Students will use 1 sheet cardstock, Index cards, aluminum foil, paper fasteners (brads), construction paper, tape, popsicle sticks, glue, yarn, limited recycled supplies, crayons/colored pencils/markers, hole punch, pens/pencils, a ruler, and scissors.


Famous Americans

This is a 5th grade STEM activity for Social Studies. We have been studying famous Revolutionary War individuals and their impact on history. Students have researched and found 5 accurate facts about their famous American. This is a fun way to keep students interested and engaged throughout the research process.


Elapsed Time

This is a 5th grade STEM activity for Math. By the end of this skill, you will be able to determine an amount of elapsed time in hours and minutes within a 24-hour period.

Skills Needed: Ability to use scissors,crayons,markers,glue and brads.

Goals of Activity: To create a clock will moving hour and second hands.The clock will be used as a math manipulative when determining elapsed time.

Mini/Small Group Lesson on Cause and Effect

The students will identify the cause and effect in a given text.

Materials:  Cubes/Dice (purchased through Oriental Trading) with clear pockets, Cause and Effect squares for pockets (attached)


Physical Education: Bumping a Volleyball

I can show proper technique for bumping a ball in volleyball independently and with a partner.

Lesson Notes/materials:  Use poly spots to mark safe practice areas in the gym.

Materials: One large gator ball per student, poly spots, and balloons.

Bargaining in Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Familiarize students with bargaining practices in the marketplace in Oaxaca.
  • Be able to compare and contrast North American markets with Mexican markets.
  • Be able to sell and purchase items in the TL.
  • Be able to describe objects in the marketplace.


Physical Education: Soccer (5th Grade)

I can kick, with mature form, a stationary soccer ball and a moving soccer ball to a partner for control 7 out of 10 times

Physical Education: Trash Can Basketball

I can throw/shoot a ball into a target (Trash can) using the proper technique and form.

The student will demonstrate mature movement forms, create movement patterns, and begin to describe movement principles.

5.1(e) Demonstrate accuracy in a variety of activities.

5.1(f) Demonstrate use of force in a variety of activities.