Physical Education: Muscle Coordination in the Form of Catching

I can learn to catch a variety of balls that are thrown to me.

Lesson Notes/materials:  8th grade general education physical education class with the inclusion of two females diagnosed with sensory integration disorders.

Materials: field cones, tennis balls, volleyballs, large beach balls and Velcro catching paddles w/accompanying balls.  Possibly balls with different textures.

Physical Education: Bumping a Volleyball

I can show proper technique for bumping a ball in volleyball independently and with a partner.

Lesson Notes/materials:  Use poly spots to mark safe practice areas in the gym.

Materials: One large gator ball per student, poly spots, and balloons.

Physical Education: Physically Active Lifestyle

I CAN work out with healthy habits.  I CAN fuel my body with healthy foods.  I CAN explain the benefits of staying physically fit.  I can explain the effects of staying physically fit.  Students will answer questions with 80% accuracy.

Lesson Notes/materials: Trivial pursuit board game and pieces, 6 die, 6 jump ropes, 6 hula hoops, 6 basketballs, 6 scooters, cones, 1 desk, scarves, beanbags.

Physical Education: Bench Press

By the end of this lesson I will be able to show the teacher the proper hand and foot placement for a standard bench press.  I will be able to demonstrate the proper execution of the standard bench press.  I can identify the movements and muscles used to complete a bench press.

Lesson Notes/materials: -Gym Uniform

  • Closed-toe tennis shoes
  • Standard bench press bench

Standard bench press bar (45lbs)

Physical Education: Bean Bag Body

Warm up routine,   Body Talk Song follow directions of the song to help point to body parts (move your eyebrows up and down…).

Students will pick up and count 5 bean bags, and place them on their polyspot. When directed by the teacher the student will pick up 1 beanbag and place it on their head using the rhyme to help reinforce concept (cranium-cranium helps me think) and walk across the room, and place it into the bucket. Go back to your polyspot pick up another bean bag place it on their biceps (biceps biceps bend my arm), repeat with body parts: heart (my heart beats to pump my blood), Tummy (abdominals) (Tummy muscles stand up tall), Thigh (quadriceps quadriceps help me kick).  Repeat the phrase as you hold the bean bag and walk it to the bucket.  Use hand over hand assistance to redirect and assist if needed.

Physical Education: Be a good teammate

I CAN work with my classmates to get to the finish line.  I CAN be a good sport and a good partner.  I CAN be safe and use my time wisely.

Lesson Notes/materials: Three hula hoops per team and cones for starting line and finish line.


Physical Education: Balance

Lesson Notes/materials:

Motor Skill Development Unit (August) for gen. ed Kindergarten


Stopwatch, 8.5 playground ball (6), Hula Hoops (9),

4 step boxes, 8 sets of footprints, visual prompts (pictures of DOE Test Skills), 6 cones, 6 floor arrows

Bad Habit 4 Square with Life Line

Striking objects with long/short implements- eyehand coordination, fine motor, dance, & math skills also including pathways

SOL and learning target covered:

*I can recognize the bad habits of smoking; alcohol/drugs, obesity/diet, & lack of exercise are to be avoided to live a healthy lifestyle.

*I can show proper cues for the under hand throw. (favorite hand up, step with opposing foot, roll ball like they are bowling) (AP)  (U)

*I can show proper cues for the over hand throw. (  opposite shoulder facing target, big L, step with front foot, squish bug with back foot, follow through) (AP) (U).

*I can use targeting skills to knock down opposing team’s Lifeline( bowling pin) (AP)  (U)

Physical Education: Throwing/Catching/Rolling (5 Day Unit Plan)

Focus: catching/eye hand, overhand throw/underhand roll, catching/throwing/rolling/group play

Physical Education: Throwing (8 Day Unit Plan)

Focus: overhand, underhand, rolling