Physical Education: Striking (K-1)

Focus: striking with body parts, striking with small implement, striking with long implement, striking with long implement ( 4 weeks)

Physical Education: 3rd Grade Soccer

Focus: Dribbling, Passing, Shooting,

Physical Education: 8 Day Unit Plan Soccer (3rd Grade)

Focus: Dribbling, Passing, Passing/Trapping, Soccer Assessment

Physical Education: Pickleball Skills and Drills

Focus: Serving, groundstrokes, Lobs, Volley and smash, footwork drills for pickleball, strength and conditioning circuit for pickleball, application of skills in a Mini-Pickleball game, Application of Skills in a 2 on 2 Pickleball Game

Physical Education: Roll a Ball to a Target

I can roll a ball to a target

Lesson Notes/materials:

Small gatorskin balls, bowling pins, poly-spots, bean bags, floor tape

Place pins appx. 5 feet from poly spot.  Place gatorskin ball on poly spot.

Physical Education: Jumping Over Stationary Rope (Part 3)

I can jump over a stationary jump rope. I can make a single jump over a jump rope I turn by myself.

Lesson Notes/Materials:

All students will start near a court line and then the total number of jump ropes should be half the number of students in attendance.

Physical Education: Jump Rope Activity (Kindergarten)

I can jump over a stationary rope and a self-turn single jump.

Lesson Notes/materials:  One jump rope per student, Music for Starts and Stops, Large diameter cotton long rope, Large diameter cotton short rope


One student in class is blind; 4×4 foam flooring for personal space boundaries, modified beeping jump rope


Physical Education: Jumping Over Stationary Rope

I can jump over a stationary rope.  I can make a single jump over a rope that I turn by myself.

Lesson Notes/materials:

5 foot beaded jump ropes

EZ Ropes adjusted for individual length

Physical Education: Moving Forward

I can walk forward and softly touch the high five hand.

Lesson Notes/materials: 

2 chairs

5 ft. clothesline

4 noddlettes threaded thru the clothesline

Visual aids of forward movement

Laminated high five hand.

Physical Education: IEP Activity

I will reach for and hold a PE object for _____seconds (with physical assistance as needed.)

Lesson Notes/materials:

A variety of PE objects such as balls, bean bags, Lummi sticks, weights, foam shapes, rings.  These objects will be of a variety of sizes and colors.  Some will make noise when shaken while others will make noises.