Physical Education: Passing Soccer Ball to Target

I can pass a soccer ball using correct technique with accuracy to a target.

Lesson Notes/materials: 

Soccer balls



Station cards


Physical Education: Hockey

I can use the correct wrist shot form to shoot a puck/ball into the floor hockey net.

Lesson Notes/materials:  Full Gym Space, 6 Hockey Nets, 12 Hockey Sticks, 3 Gymnastic Mats, 6 Hockey Balls, 3 Hockey Pucks, 3 pillow polo stick, 3 gator skin balls.

Physical Education: Soccer Ball Dribble with Control

I can successfully dribble a soccer ball with control.

Lesson Notes/materials:

Soccer balls


Poly spots

Physical Education: Scooter/Wheelchair Jousting

I will strike an object with a long handled implement as I travel toward it.

Lesson Notes/materials: Scooter/Chair Jousting

Materials needed:

  • 2 or more large cones or tee ball tees
  • 2 or more poly spots to designate starting areas
  • 2 or more large foam balls or beach balls
  • 2 or more foam noodles
  • 2 or more scooters/tricycles
  • Rubber bracelets or hair bands to secure noodle to students with difficulty gripping

Physical Education: Body Composition

I can explain the relationship between energy in and energy out and how it affects my body composition.

  • 5h Explain energy balance and how it leads to a healthy body.

7.3d Analyze the relationships among physical activity, caloric intake, and body composition.

Physical Education: Soccer (5th Grade)

I can kick, with mature form, a stationary soccer ball and a moving soccer ball to a partner for control 7 out of 10 times

Physical Education: Trash Can Basketball

I can throw/shoot a ball into a target (Trash can) using the proper technique and form.

The student will demonstrate mature movement forms, create movement patterns, and begin to describe movement principles.

5.1(e) Demonstrate accuracy in a variety of activities.

5.1(f) Demonstrate use of force in a variety of activities.

Physical Education: Components of Fitness

I can identify the components of fitness and name one activity for each.

The student will correlate regular participation in physical activity with various components of fitness and improvement in fitness and skill development.

  1. Identify the components of health-related fitness (e.g., aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition).

Lesson Notes/materials:

Materials: Pinnies, cones, laminated PE signs with elements.

Physical Education: Wabble

I can perform the Wabble with the class while the music plays.

Lesson Notes/materials:

  • Students in their spots in the Gym( Teams/rows)

Need IPod, Player, Microphone, and Speakers

Physical Education: Passing Soccer Ball to Target Wall

I can use the inside of my foot to pass a soccer ball to a target on a wall.

The student will demonstrate mature form (all critical elements) for a variety of skills and apply skills in increasingly complex movement activities.

(a) Demonstrate the critical elements for overhand throw and catch using a variety of objects; control, stop and kick ball to stationary and moving partners/ objects; dribble with dominant/preferred hand/foot; pass a ball to a moving partner; strike ball/object with short handled implement upward and forward; strike/bat ball off tee (correct grip, side to target, hip rotation); jump/land horizontally (distance) and vertically (height).