Physical Education: Soccer Dribbling

I can dribble a soccer ball using good form while moving.

*Post on whiteboard, visible for students.

Physical Education: Energy Balance

I can explain how I need to exercise to use the energy I get from eating food.

I can name a healthy food from each food group

3.5 The student will describe energy balance.

  1. a) Explain that energy balance relates to good nutrition (energy in) and physical activity (energy out).

b) Identify one food per group to create a healthy meal that meets USDA guidelines.

Lesson Notes/Materials:

food group task sheets

nutrition cards



Physical Education: Jumping Forward with Jump Rope

I can turn my rope forward and jump over it.

Demonstrate mature form for jumping forward with self-turn rope and jumping with long rope (student turn).

Single beaded jump ropes, white board with jump skills listed simple to complex, rope cues, and technique reminders written on it, African Hand Drum (borrow from Music Education Teacher), iPad

Physical Education: Throwing a Ball Underhand/Overhand

I can throw and catch an underhand tossed ball to myself and with a partner. I can throw a ball overhand.

SOL: 2.1 – The student will demonstrate approaching (at least two critical elements) of locomotor, nonlocomotor, and manipulative skills.

Lesson Notes/materials: Yarn balls, tennis balls, gator skin balls, playground balls, poly spots, hula hoops, buckets, various other containers and music.

Physical Education: Moving the Body in Relation to Others

I can show how to make my body go over an object, under something and move around something in the gym.  I can keep my body from touching other classmates

The student will identify major musculoskeletal structures and the cardiorespiratory system and explain the importance of spatial awareness while moving.

a) The student will describe the concept of relationships (i.e., over, under, around, through, in front of, behind) in dynamic movement situations

Physical Education: Hit a Ball Off a Tee

10 rainbow tees, 10 rainbow whiffle balls, 10rainbow bats, and 10 rainbow dome cones.  Setup tees 8 steps from one another.  Setup dome cones 8 steps behind each tee.  Hitter beside tee, next hitter behind dome cone.

Physical Education: Dribbling

I can dribble 3 consecutive dribbles using my finger pads and using the correct form with my dominant hand.


I can demonstrate how to dribble a ball correctly with my hands.

Physical Education: Body Positions

The body positions being introduced in this lesson are foundational positions that are used across the lifespan during physical activity. This lesson focuses on introduce students to how to execute each body position and identify the correct name of each.

Physical Education: Underhand toss

Learning Objective: I can demonstrate the correct skills of underhand throwing to a target.

Skill Cues:

  1. Face target
  2. Step with opposite foot towards target.
  3. Swing arm using tic-toc motion.
  4. Release ball and follow through with tossing arm pointing at target.

Physical Education: Bowling

I can roll a ball down a set path to knock down a group of bowling pins.

1.1(c) Demonstrate (apply) approaching mature forms (at least two critical elements) for use in manipulative skills (e.g., rolling ball underhand to a target, underhand throw to targets, underhand toss and catch to self and with a partner, dribbling with hand in general space, dribbling with foot, kicking stationary ball to target, striking stationary object with hand or with short-handled implement, throwing underhand, volleying object upward with various body parts).