Physical Education: Sweet Swag

I can cooperate with a group to achieve a common goal.

Lesson Notes/materials:

Notes: In previous classes, students have come to class unprepared (in street clothes and/or wearing sandals that do not allow for proper active physical movement), and some students have ongoing conflicts from outside of class that have carried over into class.  Therefore, we are focusing on SOL 9.4 for this lesson.


This lesson will take one and a half block class periods of 90 minutes.  Students will spend the first class doing their pre-assessment, getting into groups with roles, generating ideas via social media, and beginning practice.  The next class period, they will practice and/or put finishing touches on their routine, and then record and upload to Google Classroom.

Physical Education: Tennis Activity

  • I can hit a non-stationary object with a tennis racket.

I can use a tennis racket to hit/return a non-stationary object to my partner.

Lesson Notes/materials:


Tennis rackets (one per student)

Balloons & Beach Balls (one per student/one per pair for partners)

Tennis Balls (one per student or pair)

Poly Spots (placements)

Cones (boundaries for gym floor or tennis courts, four cones per one side of court—8 cones for one full tennis court)

Physical Education: Swimming Pool Activity

I can flutter kick in the pool.

Lesson Notes/materials:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Kick Boards, Noodles or Floatation Devices
  • Swimming Goggles
  • Signs or Pictures

Physical Education: Frisbee Activity

I can successfully throw and catch a Frisbee while aiming at a target.

Lesson Notes/materials:

Frisbees 5 for each group

Hula hoops (color coded: 3 red, 3 blue, 3 green, 1 yellow)

Cones to mark tee box

White dry erase boards/ markers

Physical Education: Volleyball and Team Player Skills

I can show proper etiquette (taking turns, no arguing with referee), respect for others (words of encouragement, no arguing with players), integrity (being honest when calls are close) and teamwork (hitting at appropriate time and location on court) during a game of volleyball.

Lesson Notes/materials: trainer volleyball, regulation volleyball, net, poly spots (to use for students serving from different distances from the net to accommodate needs of all students)


Physical Education: Striking

I can apply force to various objects to achieve different results (different directions, farther distances, towards a target).

Lesson Notes/materials:  8th grade general education physical education class with the inclusion of 2 males diagnosed with autism.


Materials:  volleyballs, 10” hollow rubber balls, solid foam balls, playground balls, tennis balls, volleyballs, large beach balls, balloons, hula hoops, wall targets

Physical Education: Group Soccer Activity

I can state two (2) soccer rules that are important to the safety of all players.

Lesson Notes/materials:

4 team lists

1 soccer ball

Team pinnies

White Board

Dry Erase

Exit tickets


(Video accessory if video is needed)

Physical Education: Line Dance

I can create and demonstrate a line dance(s) while working in a small group.

Lesson Notes/materials:

  1. iPod w/ selected playlist
  2. sound system
  3. iPad(s)

– applications: Coaches Eye, BAM Instant Replay

– websites: GoNoodle,

  1. laptop & charger
  2. heart rate monitors
  3. pedometers

7. GoPro camera

Physical Education: Skating

  • I can maintain balance on skates while avoiding objects.
  • I can avoid objects by going around them.

Lesson Notes/materials:

  • Materials/Equipment – Skate Assignment Sheets, Skates, Pad Sets, Helmets for each student, Cones.
  • Set Up:
  • 5 Lines of colored cones.
  • Cones spacing –
      • 5 ft. apart(Novice) 2 lines
      • 4 ft. apart(Intermediate) 2 lines
      • 3 ft. apart(advanced) 1 line


Physical Education: Resting Heart Rate Activity

I can take my resting heart rate and explain how heart changes in different activities.

Lesson Notes/materials:

Watch, Stopwatch, Clock

Worksheets: Calculating your Heart Rate,

Cardio-respiratory Graphing Worksheet

Paper and pencil