Games in the Grass Balance and Coordination Station

I can maintain my balance on one foot.

Lesson Notes/materials:

  • Wading pool
  • Different size and colored marbles
  • Grab ball
  • Hose connected to water
  • Frisbee
  • Chair
  • Towel

Small bucket/bin

Physical Education: Soccer Ball Dribbling

I can dribble a soccer ball, with my feet, while moving.

Lesson Notes/materials:

  • Soccer ball for each student
  • cones
  • playing area marked off with cones spread randomly throughout the space(outside weather permitting)

Physical Education: Dribbling a basketball

I can perform 5 consecutive dribbles using proper form with my dominant and non-dominant hand during the practice activities of the lesson.

I can identify three components of dribbling with your hands (fingerpads, push the ball, and waist height) during the closure of the lesson.

I can demonstrate proper personal space while working in the gymnasium with other students.

I can demonstrate how to bounce a ball to the ground and up a minimum of 1 time with no more than 1 verbal and 1 visual prompt during the lesson.

Physical Education: Soccer Dribble

I can dribble a soccer ball with control.

Lesson Notes/materials:

cones soccer balls  pollyspots

Key words:  ball control, instep, dribble, body position,  fun

Physical Education: Balance

I can develop balance movements involving weight transfer, rolling and traveling on specific body parts.

Lesson Notes/materials:  Closet will be open for access to PE equipment.  Instant activities and Lesson will require various manipulatives.  Not limited cones, pedometers, red testing mats, gator balls, Frisbees and testing boxes.  Ipod for testing. Gymnastic mats required for the entire unit.  Blue mats outside of office.  Two mats will be connected for each group.

Physical Education: Dance

I can model new (for teacher emerging) rhythm and dance skills by practicing the wobble, the freeze, hokey pokey and just dance kids songs.

Physical Education: Group Work

  1. I can work cooperatively in a small team to accomplish a task.

**I can work cooperatively in a small team by using an arm extender (dynaband or scarf) and hold on the parachute with both hands.

  1.  I can work with a small group to score 21 points by the time each player on my team has 3 turns.

**I can throw a small nerf ball into a Hula Hoop at the 1 point value per try or a 3 point value per basket.

  1.  I can demonstrate pace and speed using a gallop, skip, and run.

**I will walk or gallop at a slow and fast pace depending on what my teacher asks me to complete.

Lesson Notes/materials:

Cooperative learning activities Unit (November) for Gen. Ed. 4th grade

Equipment:  16 cones,  8 green, yellow and red polyspots, 8 footballs, 8 small nerf footballs, 8 parachutes, 8 frogs and chickens, “Playing Catch” music,  Tabata exercises (visual cards posted on the front wall).  Visual Cues of the animals, the football throw, and level changes for Tabata.


Physical Education: Challenge Course

I can complete a challenge course using the locomotor skill of my choice at a walking and jogging pace in open space!

I can challenge myself to compete in open space with my peers without crashing at faster paces.

Lesson Notes/materials:  12 poly spot arrows, iPads with videos of children performing the course, box of scarves (for assessment)

**Remind the children throughout the lesson that they should challenge themselves to maximize their fun and safety

**The course will change from class to class and even during the lesson.  Teacher may move the arrows to make the course more or less challenging based on student needs

Physical Education: Teamwork

I can perform communication (verbal and non-verbal) during all of the activities of the lesson.

I can identify two different ways to communicate (verbal and non-verbal) during the closure of the lesson.

I can demonstrate proper cooperation and respect working together to solve a problem, (listening to each other) during all of the activities of the lesson.

I can communicate with a peer by gaining their attention through verbal or non-verbal communication.

Physical Education: Colony Ball

I can use communication strategies to achieve a goal as a team. 

Lesson Notes/materials: – Gym Suit (shirt, shorts)

  • Tennis Shoes
  • Kickball

5 poly-bases and 1 poly-home plate