Physical Education: Bean Bag Body

Warm up routine,   Body Talk Song follow directions of the song to help point to body parts (move your eyebrows up and down…).

Students will pick up and count 5 bean bags, and place them on their polyspot. When directed by the teacher the student will pick up 1 beanbag and place it on their head using the rhyme to help reinforce concept (cranium-cranium helps me think) and walk across the room, and place it into the bucket. Go back to your polyspot pick up another bean bag place it on their biceps (biceps biceps bend my arm), repeat with body parts: heart (my heart beats to pump my blood), Tummy (abdominals) (Tummy muscles stand up tall), Thigh (quadriceps quadriceps help me kick).  Repeat the phrase as you hold the bean bag and walk it to the bucket.  Use hand over hand assistance to redirect and assist if needed.