Speed Dating with British Literature

Class: Dual Enrollment British Literature II—seniors in their second semester, sophomore level college course

Students will KNOW the characteristics of the Metaphysical and the Romantic periods in British literature.  Students will UNDERSTAND the shift in philosophy from one period to another and how that shift evolves in the poetry of the time.  Students will EXPLAIN/ANALYZE the differences in philosophies by answering open/high level questions about society, intellect, religion, and marriage.

Back to School

The following activity will be used to allow students to share what they have experienced during the summer while away from their classmates.  Students will also use the ideas from the discussion as a journal writing prompt.

Animal Adaptions

  • Developing critical thinking skills by reading and analyzing informational texts that focus on understanding physical and behavioral adaptation of animals
  • Applying content knowledge by writing a narrative with at least three embedded animal adaptation facts that illustrate how the adaptations work to help the animal survive in its environment.
  • Applying knowledge of word choice, sentence structure, and organization of writing
  • Summarizing relevant information from the texts throughout their narrative to show understanding of animal adaptation
  • Making use of grade-appropriate, domain-specific language.

American Leaders Relay Writing

Recall/write important facts about American leaders.