“Take Me Away” Boat Design

In “Take Me Away” Boat Design, students will review what they know about sinking and floating while watching something float that you wouldn’t expect to see: a pineapple float. The pineapple has many pockets of air in it; therefore, it floats in water. Objects that weigh less than water float and objects that weigh more sink. Can you name a type of boat? The teacher-librarian will present the different parts of a boat and discuss the different types of hulls. Why does a displacement hull float better than a planning hull? Students will construct a boat that will float under the weight of 10 decorating stones.

Physical Education: Bean Bag Body

Warm up routine,   Body Talk Song follow directions of the song to help point to body parts (move your eyebrows up and down…).

Students will pick up and count 5 bean bags, and place them on their polyspot. When directed by the teacher the student will pick up 1 beanbag and place it on their head using the rhyme to help reinforce concept (cranium-cranium helps me think) and walk across the room, and place it into the bucket. Go back to your polyspot pick up another bean bag place it on their biceps (biceps biceps bend my arm), repeat with body parts: heart (my heart beats to pump my blood), Tummy (abdominals) (Tummy muscles stand up tall), Thigh (quadriceps quadriceps help me kick).  Repeat the phrase as you hold the bean bag and walk it to the bucket.  Use hand over hand assistance to redirect and assist if needed.

Physical Education: Throwing/Catching/Rolling (5 Day Unit Plan)

Focus: catching/eye hand, overhand throw/underhand roll, catching/throwing/rolling/group play

Physical Education: Throwing (8 Day Unit Plan)

Focus: overhand, underhand, rolling

Physical Education: Striking (K-1)

Focus: striking with body parts, striking with small implement, striking with long implement, striking with long implement ( 4 weeks)

Physical Education: Body Positions

The body positions being introduced in this lesson are foundational positions that are used across the lifespan during physical activity. This lesson focuses on introduce students to how to execute each body position and identify the correct name of each.

Physical Education: Underhand toss

Learning Objective: I can demonstrate the correct skills of underhand throwing to a target.

Skill Cues:

  1. Face target
  2. Step with opposite foot towards target.
  3. Swing arm using tic-toc motion.
  4. Release ball and follow through with tossing arm pointing at target.

Physical Education: Bowling

I can roll a ball down a set path to knock down a group of bowling pins.

1.1(c) Demonstrate (apply) approaching mature forms (at least two critical elements) for use in manipulative skills (e.g., rolling ball underhand to a target, underhand throw to targets, underhand toss and catch to self and with a partner, dribbling with hand in general space, dribbling with foot, kicking stationary ball to target, striking stationary object with hand or with short-handled implement, throwing underhand, volleying object upward with various body parts).

Animals and Their Homes

The student will construct an animal with its physical characteristics.  The student will construct the animal home.

American Leaders Relay Writing

Recall/write important facts about American leaders.