Historical Figures in the Library

The teacher-librarian will read A Picture Book of Patrick Henry by David Adler. Students will create a historical figure to represent one of the historical individuals you have studied. Students will use 1 sheet of cardstock, yarn or string, scrap fabric, paper fasteners (brads), paint samples, markers, colored pencils, crayons, glue, recycled materials, glue, recycled materials, a paper doll pattern, a QR code, and popsicle sticks.


Introduction Lesson Plan for Dewey Decimal Pop-Up Card

The teacher-librarian will read The Shelf Elf Helps Out by Jackie Hopkins. The students will create a Dewey Decimal Pop-up to get to know one of the ten Dewey Decimal categories. Students will use cardstock, glue, pipe cleaners, construction paper, craft sticks, markers and limited art supplies.


“Take Me Away” Boat Design

In “Take Me Away” Boat Design, students will review what they know about sinking and floating while watching something float that you wouldn’t expect to see: a pineapple float. The pineapple has many pockets of air in it; therefore, it floats in water. Objects that weigh less than water float and objects that weigh more sink. Can you name a type of boat? The teacher-librarian will present the different parts of a boat and discuss the different types of hulls. Why does a displacement hull float better than a planning hull? Students will construct a boat that will float under the weight of 10 decorating stones.