Module 8: Modeling Best Practices in Instruction

Module 8 Progress

We suspect you probably have had some experience with an observer or an PST in your classroom but, for some of you, your first experience is about to happen. Whether you have had an experience or not, this module is designed to help you support PSTs in using the most effective instructional practices you want them to experience and implement.

For the purposes of this module we agree to use the definition provided by David Arendale for Best Educational Practice to include: “the wide range of individual activities, policies, and programmatic approaches to achieving positive changes in student attitudes or academic behaviors.”

Participants who complete this module will be able to:

  1. Identify the ways teachers provide learning clarity for students
  2. Identify strategies for active student engagement
  3. Identify tools to individualize student learning experiences
  4. Identify how to check for understanding and provide ongoing feedback
  5. Identify how to provide for smooth transitions