Module 2: Welcoming Students into the School Community

Module 2 Progress

What should I share with my PST and how?

What you should share with your PST can vary based on the practicum and level of PST’s experience. If your PST is in their very first classroom based experience and has no prior experience working with PK-12 students, the information you share may be surface level information about your classroom versus the specific needs of the students. However, if the practicum is the PST’s last experience prior to student teaching, they will need to have a more in depth level of understanding of the classroom and specific students (e.g. whole school and specific classroom procedures, accommodations, modifications, behavior plans, etc.). If it impacts how the PST will interact with the PK-12 student, then they should know.

When sharing information with your PST that is student specific, frame content in a positive manner, such as “This is what works best.” instead of “S/he can’t.”

Note to Mentor Teachers

Before your PST begins, please check with your division to see the policies and procedures about what information can be shared and how the PST can be included (e.g. meetings, phone calls, conferences).

Examples of how to share information with your PST:

  • Binder with important information:
    • Page all about me, including how to best contact me
    • List of classroom rules
    • Example of my lesson plans
    • Classroom management plan (so they can familiarize themselves with it)
    • Daily Schedule
    • List of “special days” that we have when they will be there (assemblies, field trips, rotation days, etc.)
  • During the morning meeting, the PK-12 students can review the classroom rules so the students can teach the PST.
  • If you are unable to leave the classroom to meet the PST, have an older student or building personnel give a quick tour of important areas of the building with a limited time frame.
  • If applicable, share your syllabus with the PST.