Mentos and Math- An Explosive Mixture!

In this Algebra 2 lesson, students will collect and analyze data, and then they will create an exponential model to answer a real-world problem.  This lesson will be used after students have been introduced to exponential functions. They should be familiar with both the shape and the standard form for an exponential function before they attempt this lesson.

The Real Transformers

The lesson will have students discover the transformations (vertical and horizontal translations) that are applied when graphing absolute value, square root, and cube root functions. The lesson is geared to all students although an extension has been provided for more accelerated students.  The lesson will set the stage for using transformations to graph other functions later in the year (ie.exponential and logarithmic) and beyond ( conic sections).  We will revisit the functions in a future lesson regarding domain, range and real life modeling scenarios.

Vocabulary Associated with Algebraic Expressions

  • Students will learn vocabulary associated with algebraic expression, including: variable, term, constant, and coefficient.
  • Student will be able to identify a variable, term, constant, coefficient, and an algebraic expression or equation.
  • Students will be able to translate verbal phrases into algebraic expressions and algebraic expressions into verbal phrases.
  • Students will be able to write, read, and evaluate algebraic expressions in which letters stand for numbers.