ECAPE Lesson Plans: Responsible Behaviors

I can follow directions and move safely with others during an activity.

Lesson Notes/materials: This lesson is intended for preschool students ages 2-4.

Materials: polyspots

“Games in the Grass” Activity Plan

I can participate in an activity to strengthen a major muscle group.

Lesson Notes/materials:

Various DIY materials to make “free weights” for the participants to lift. Such as: empty water bottles, pomp poms, cardboard tubes, pvc pipe, golf balls, tennis balls, yarn balls, sand, rocks, and water.  These materials will be made into various items with different weights and textures to obtain a varying level of adaptability and difficulty to the activity.  Certain materials may also be used to satisfy sensory needs.

ECAPE Lesson Plan: Counting to Five

I can count to five.

Lesson Notes/Materials: This can be used for preschool classes and the activity will take 5-10 minutes.

Games in the Grass Field Day Activity

I can demonstrate various locomotor movements while strengthening my sorting skills and color recognition.

Lesson Notes/materials:

Materials: rainbow assortment of these items

  • yarn balls
  • nubby balls
  • tennis balls
  • wiffle balls
  • Bean bags
  • Scarves
  • Rainbow Hula Hoops
  • 4 Cones