Latitude and Longitude using Google Maps

Students will explore the concepts of latitude and longitude using Google Maps as an experimentation tool.

Latitude and Longitude

Students will plan and conduct investigations in which maps are interpreted including finding locations by latitude and longitude.

Materials & Resources

A U.S. map

A World map

Stickers – bright colored dots/disks

Metric ruler



To have the students understand how when energy transfers it can cause extreme weather which can effect many places at one time.  Charts and technology, maps and graphs can show areas that these happen in the most.

Materials & Resources

Google, a United States map and graphing paper, charts and a Video Camera.

Air Pressure

The student will investigate and understand the cause of barometric pressure, interpret barometric pressure data and interpret isobars to show the pattern of air pressure across the nation at a given time.

Materials & Resources

Laptop computer, web site – WeatherBug Achieve, text resource: Today’s Weather: Studying Weather as it Happens by AMS

Direct and indirect negative effects of pollution around the ocean

To understand that pollution can create many indirect negative effects, and how our environment has a balance between all living things.

 Materials & Resources

Aquarium or clear plastic bin, sand, water, red food coloring, small plant (anything including a weed).

Soil Particles and Textures

To identify the amounts of soil particles that make up the texture of soils, and how different minerals change the layer.

Materials & Resources

 Jar, soil(from different locations), water, permanent marker, spade or some type of digging items


The specific area from the SOL’s the students will be learning about is how earthquakes happen, how their strength is determined and the locations of these types of disasters.  This lesson plan may take more than one day.

Materials & Resources Computer Lab, Map showing Tectonic Plates, recent earthquakes information, plate movement directions, map, and table.  Popsicle sticks, glue, string, and clay.

Weathering and Erosion

Weathering and Erosion Lab

Continental Drift

Continental Drift Lab

Materials: Foam Disks for Ocean to use on the lab. Pre-cut out continents. Fill-in notes. Questions to turn in regarding the lab. Powerpoint. Textbooks for Crossword.

The Earths Water Content

To Become familiar with the amount of water on the earth and a comparison of the amount of water that is a usable resource.

Materials & Resources

Apple(s) and a knife