Standard Deviation

  • Given data, including data in a real-world context, students will calculate and interpret the mean absolute deviation of a data set.
  • Students will identify that descriptive statistics (mean absolute deviation, standard deviation, etc.) may include measures of center and dispersion.
  • Students will understand that knowing the mean deviation of a set of data helps us make decisions about data. If a set of deviation has a small mean deviation, then most of its points are close to the mean.  The larger the mean deviation gets, the more variability there is in the data and there are more data points not close to the mean in value.
  • Students will understand that the mean deviation can be used to help predict the reliability and dependability of certain objects. This may be important or critical when it comes to real-life situation which allows a small margin of error.
  • Variance, standard deviation, and mean absolute deviation measure the dispersion of the data.