A Brief Overview of Education Policy in Virginia

In the state of Virginia, numerous individuals and organizations at various levels are responsible for making and enacting education policies that affect our state’s learners and professionals. The federal government and U.S. Department of Education, the Virginia Legislature and Virginia Department of Education, district-level superintendents and school boards, principals and assistant principals, and even classroom teachers all impact when, how, and with what resources students are educated. This simultaneous top-down and bottom-up approach to policy inevitably results in confusion about where decisions are made (see the diagram below). Although it would be virtually impossible to track the policy outcomes at all of these levels, we are dedicated to addressing important policy issues, offering opinions and briefs, and seeking out information from those directly involved in the policy process. The Virginia Education Policy Center is designed to empower and equip Virginia’s educational stakeholders with the necessary information to advocate for the well being of our schools and learners.