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Want to Learn a New Technology?


The number of online applications is growing, and keeping pace with those most appropriate in education can be difficult. Students in the LTLE 370 Instructional Technology course worked to address this problem by creating online tutorials for faculty, staff and students in the College of Education who are interested in self-directed, just-in-time learning. You control the pace and path of instruction for the tutorials listed on this page. Just be sure your speakers are turned up so that you hear the audio!

Obviously there are many more online applications out there. If you would like us to create a technology tutorial not already shown, contact Dr. Michele Estes (estesmd@jmu.edu). Instructors for this course are always searching for new project ideas, and addressing authentic needs is an invaluable experience for our undergraduate students.


About the course...

LTLE 370. Instructional Technology.
3 credits. Offered fall, spring and summer.
Principles and procedures of a teaching/learning process designed to provide reliable, effective instruction to learners through systematic application of instructional technology. Includes selecting, producing, evaluating and utilizing nonprint media and equipment for application to instructional process.

This is a survey course with several project assignments. Students are typically HRD, Educational Media, and/or Education minors. For most, this is the first technology course in the program of study.