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Judith Tullock McNett

Teaching Another Year to Reach Another Child 1987 An offer in the mailbox personally addressed to me, Congressional Scholarship in exchange for a teaching credential and a commitment, Teach for a year, why not? Just a short experience in my life or a life-changing decision? Each smile, Each voice, Each knowing glance, Being part of […]

Dr. Cheri Beverly

What Sustains Me? As an educator and learner, Moments that move one from … confusion towards clarity, self-doubt towards confidence, inability towards competence, oblivion towards awareness, insecurity towards strength, singular towards community, failure towards success, surety towards confusion… sustain me! Moments when one … says, “Now, at this moment, I am more than I was […]

Ian Linden

The People in My Balcony Sitting in the pew on a Sunday morning I experienced one of those moments where I felt that the pastor had written the entire sermon for my benefit.  The sermon was about important people in your life.  He referred to them as the people in your balcony; the people that supported […]

Dr. Michele L. Kelty

Mindful Presence in Teaching “I feel the most loved in this moment than I ever have in the 13 years of my life,” said Faye.  Kim shared, “I felt loved like I do when the people at our church bring us food when we have none.” These were comments made by seventh grade girls after […]

Dr. Michelle Hughes

From Buzzard to Bluebird Those who want to leave an impression for one year should plant corn; those who want to leave an impression for ten years should plant a tree; but those who want to leave an impression for 100 years should educate a human being.                                                                         Ancient Chinese proverb  No teacher would ever […]

Dr. Karen Eliasson Santos

Quotations inspire me… I carry them with me, read books of them, print relevant ones on special paper for workshop participants, create class agendas with special quotes for each session, frame them for my office, and look forward to two arriving by e-mail each morning. I resonate with the way that some people are able […]

Dr. Dave Pruett

What Sustains Me Following an engineering degree and a stint in the Air Force, I taught high school mathematics for three years in Henrico County, VA. Why the change of direction and why math? Nearly four decades later, a young woman student, who came to my office requesting a letter of recommendation, answered the latter […]

Dr. Cindy Klevickis

Southside Diary It is 4 AM. I have had only 4 hours of sleep. The coffee is made, my clothes are laid out, school starts at 7 AM and I have 2 hours to drive. I don’t usually have to leave this early, but, today, I need to catch the first class of the day. […]

Dr. Carol A. Hurney

Reflective Change Sustains Me Teaching is my journey. My teaching journey is filled with wondrous sites, puzzling anomalies, and interesting side trips.  This journey is my life challenge – and it sustains me.  The daily process of teaching is filled with creating assignments, drafting exams, posting readings, answering questions, preparing lectures, and grading.  Although I […]

Dr. Hood Frazier

What Sustains Me Finding the New Mind “…unless there is a new mind there cannot be a new line, the old will go on repeating itself with recurring deadliness…” —from Patterson, by William Carlos Williams I came to education through poetry; and poetry is but one way to discover the architecture of the self and, […]