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Dr. Shin Ji Kang

Click to play video Shin Ji Kang serves as associate professor in the Department of Early, Elementary, and Reading Education and fellow of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Terrorism and Peace at James Madison University.  She is a critical praxis researcher attempting to bridge the divide between practice and research. She has two major foci in […]

Dr. Keri Bethune

Click to play video Keri Bethune is an Associate Professor at JMU in the Department of Educational, Foundations, and Exceptionalities. She holds a Ph.D. in in Special Education from University of North Carolina Charlotte and focused her dissertation on coaching teachers to use Applied Behavior Analytic techniques in their classrooms. She is a Board Certified […]

Dr. John Almarode

Click to view video. Dr. John Almarode is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Early, Elementary, and Reading Education.  John is also the Co-Director of James Madison University’s Center for STEM Education and Outreach and co-editor of the Teacher Educator’s Journal.  He began his career in Augusta County, Virginia, teaching mathematics and science […]

Susan Miller

Bright Days – Dark Days   Click the play button below to stream a video created by Susan Miller entitled “Bright Days – Dark Days”. Susan Miller has been an English teacher for the past forty-one years. She has taught in Illinois (9 years); Florida (13 Years);and Virginia (19 years). She has retired this school […]

Dr. Jane Thall

What Sustains Me Click the play button below to hear Dr. Jane Thall’s essay in her own voice Jane Thall is the Academic Unit Head for Learning, Technology and Leadership Education in the College of Education.  Dr. Thall is an associate professor in the Adult Education/Human Resource Development Program where she teaches courses in Needs […]

Dr. Ruthie Bosch

What Sustains Me – The Colors of Belonging Click the play button to hear Dr. Ruthie Bosch essay on “The Colors of Belonging”. Dr. Ruthie Bosch is an Associate Professor in the EFEX department.  She teaches Foundations of Education and Multicultural Education.  She is originally from Puerto Rico, but lived in Michigan for 30 years.  […]

Dr. Aaron Bodle

The Hornet Battle Click to hear this essay in Dr. Bodle’s voice. Narrative: Cornfields are hourglasses for kids on summer vacation in rural Indiana. Though the old saying insists the corn should be, “knee high by the fourth of July,” the fourth of June may provide a more accurate yardstick. When the green floods of […]

Mary Trimmer Robinson

Moments of Joy When you ask a teacher what they enjoy most about teaching, a large percentage will mention something about the “ah ha” moment when a student understands a concept the teacher has been trying to teach.  I have to say that I agree that those moments are very special and there is little […]

Dr. Eric Fife

Stories that Sustain Me I look out over a sea of students, and all I see are stories.  That student over there has taken 21 hours of classes from me, and in that whole time I don’t think she’s ever gotten a grade lower than a B+ on any single assignment.  I doubt she’s gotten […]