Dr. Cheri Beverly

What Sustains Me?

As an educator and learner,

Moments that move one from …

confusion towards clarity,

self-doubt towards confidence,

inability towards competence,

oblivion towards awareness,

insecurity towards strength,

singular towards community,

failure towards success,

surety towards confusion…

sustain me!

Moments when one …

says, “Now, at this moment, I am more than I was before”,

sees the complexity within the simple, and

the simplicity within the complex,

knows wonder and awe in knowing, and

not knowing…

sustain me!


sustains me!

Cheri Beverly has worked with diverse learners, with and without disabilities, their families and their communities in rural, suburban, and urban elementary, middle and high schools and community based programs. She has worked with teacher candidates seeking licensure at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Cheri has worked with licensed teachers from around the world to build their knowledge and skills for including learners with disabilities into their schools and classrooms, enhance their confidence and competence to serve leadership roles within their schools and nations’ education systems, and to understand and support diverse learners. Cheri has also worked with learners from majors other than Education, helping them develop and/or refine their critical thinking and decision making, leadership skills, and learning skills. Not only has she taught learners in the US, Cheri has traveled to and with learners to facilitate their growth as global citizens and critical thinkers (as well as inclusive educators). Each of these experiences has taught Cheri about herself as a learner, as an educator and as a global citizen. Each experience has provided lessons and insight about the cultural, social, economic, and political contexts of disability and education of all individuals.  Each of these lessons impacts the knowledge, skills, and contexts Cheri brings into her formal and informal educational experiences. Learning expands Cheri’s world and her desire to support others as they experience the challenges of their own expanding world. She earned her Masters in Integrated Disabilities in 1987 and her Doctorate in Infant Education – Special Education in 1994.